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Reconditioned Printers & Photocopiers


Kancho’s state-of-the-art products utilize user-friendly technology and are backed by our experienced industry-leading service professionals. Providing the best hardware, software and support, Kancho enables businesses of all sizes with the reliability and efficiency of modern document management systems in the lower Mainland.


Remanufacturing Process


At Kancho, we satisfy the equipment needs of our cost-conscious customers. We offer select pre-owned office equipment that has been remanufactured to original factory specifications. Kancho’s remanufacturing program is based on strict qualification guidelines and comprehensive product inspections and is designed to give our customers the chance to purchase top-quality products at very competitive prices with complete confidence.


The equipment available through this process has been pre-selected from Kancho’s inventory of pre-owned office equipment with strict eligibility criteria that include performance history and low meter counts. Every pre-owned product selected undergoes a rigorous inspection at Kancho’s remanufacturing facility. Certified technicians apply an extensive multistep cleaning and remanufacturing process to each device, replacing all high-wear components and adjusting units back to original factory specifications. The remanufactured equipment is then put through a rigorous testing process to ensure the utmost quality, then packaged using new equipment standards.


All of our remanufactured equipment is backed with the same financial solutions, post-sale support and service coverage as new.


KANCHO’s Remanufacturing process is not only cost-effective for you our customer, it returns the equipment to the office environment, increasing operating life span.

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